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“The First Wealth is Health” – Emerson
If your goal is to lose weight, develop a healthy relationship with food, or increase energy our coaching programs are designed to help you create a lifestyle of optimal health and well-being.


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Our goal is to help our clients develop new habits, behaviors, and…

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Food as Medicine is a preventative movement built on the premise that good nutrition habits can reduce the risk of illness. Andrea started Healthy Healing Eats founded on her passion for health promotion through mindful eating. Her goal is to stimulate and inspire a shift in consciousness to food as the core of good health. As a certified health/life coach, she recognizes the gap between what the healthcare industry offers and often what people need to achieve their health goals. Through her unique motivational and empowering method of habit change she partners with clients to design their healthiest lifestyle.


  • University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health
  • Health Coach Institute, Boise, Idaho – Certified Health/Life Coach
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Andrea Breaux, Founder & CEO
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Client Testimonials


Working with Andrea helped me understand the importance and value of making me, my most important priority. Her active listening style encouraged me to articulate what was holding me back from achieving my weight-loss goals. Together we crafted an easy workable plan that emphasized the importance of self-care. Andrea is a natural cheerleader, she has a great ability to encourage rather than direct. Our meetings always began with what was going well and ended with a recap of my accomplishments, no matter how small. She kept me focused on developing healthy habits, and for that I am grateful. Now my habits are what I do instead of what I want to do. Thank you, Andrea!


After a year of the life-altering pandemic, I decided to get healthy, because if nothing else I am now aware of the vital importance of living healthily, to be ready for life’s curveballs. I worked with Andrea because I know of her passion for eating for optimal health. Her active listening and open-ended questions helped me recognize how some habits were not serving me well. In each meeting, she pointed out my strengths, cheered my progress, yet firmly and consistently reminded me of why I was on this journey when I lagged. To hear the message “You are your most important number one priority,” was empowering. It was the basis for our relationship of trust and safety. I recommend Andrea as a health/life coach to anyone.
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Healthy Healing

Food as Medicine is a preventative movement built on the premise that good nutrition habits can reduce the risk of illness. Contact Andrea and take the first steps to building a healthier lifestyle.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Healthy Healing Eats is to promote awareness about Food-as-Medicine by sharing current evidence-based research that focuses on earth-friendly and nutritionally dense foods from around the world. Our goal to provide a forum where food is seen as primary resource for a healthy lifestyle.

Andrea Breaux

Healthy Healing Eats is a personal blog written and edited by Andrea Breaux. Contact me at andrea@healthyhealingeats.com.

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