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“The First Wealth is Health” – Emerson
If your goal is to lose weight, develop a healthy relationship with food, or increase energy our coaching programs are designed to help you create a lifestyle of optimal health and well-being.

Custom Nutrition

Nourishment is about so much more than just food. Our motivational interview process is designed to elicit your exp

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Our goal is to help our clients develop new habits, behaviors, and create rituals around peak health so it becomes

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Meal Planning And Healthy Eating Habits

Learn to plan, budget and shop for the healthiest food for you and your family. Learn favorable eating techniques t

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Food as Medicine is a preventative movement built on the premise that good nutrition habits can reduce the risk of illness.  Andrea started Healthy Healing Eats founded on her passion for health promotion through mindful eating. Her goal is to stimulate and inspire a shift in consciousness to food as the core of good health. As a certified health/life coach, she recognizes the gap between what the healthcare industry offers and often what people need to achieve their health goals. Through her unique motivational and empowering method of habit change she partners with clients to design their healthiest lifestyle.


  • University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health
  • Health Coach Institute, Boise, Idaho – Certified Health/Life Coach



Healthy Healing Eats sustainable products support our planet and you.


Follow Annie and LJ whose storyline promotes healthy eating and earth-friendly practices.


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