When diet is bad, medicine is of no use.
When diet is good, medicine is of no need.
 Ayurvedic Proverb

Welcome to Healthy Healing Eats, a resource about nutrition and Food-as-Medicine.  Our goal is to promote and increase awareness about FAM by sharing current evidence-based research focused on whole healthy food, the emerging practice of precision medicine, and simple sustainable-living methods.  Here are the topics for the coming weeks,

Food as Prevention, Precision, and a Cornerstone of Healthspan by Barry Breaux, MD. @doctabro

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Aloe You Ever Wanted – Aloe You Ever Needed

The Need for the Seed

Be Salt Savvy

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Our Philosophy

The Food-as-Medicine philosophy is based on the belief that whole food is a traditional remedy with the therapeutic power to improve and maintain one’s health.  The philosophy has been around for hundreds of years. Imhotep, the Egyptian inventor of medicine, extracted medicine from plants. Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine.”  Traditional Chinese medicine believes that slow-cooked food is essential; as a result, food is seen as healing and arresting illness. The Mayans used cacao (chocolate) as a medicine.

The Food As Medicine Movement

The FAM movement is gaining traction as studies demonstrate that much of what ails us are a result of poor food choices. Eighty percent of deaths from heart disease and stroke are caused by high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and low daily consumption of fruits and vegetables according to the World Health Organization. Diet alone isn’t always the solution and it is true, not every illness can benefit from dietary changes. Nonetheless, physicians and nutritionists say looking at the cumulative data, a clear picture emerges: the salt, sugar, fat and processed foods in the today’s diet contribute to the world’s high rates of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease.

Food as a Nutritional Remedy.

Our philosophy here at Healthy Healing Eats; that medicine is delivered out of the home beginning in the kitchen means that food is seen as a daily nutritional remedy. Using whole food to prevent illness such as an apple which is shown to lower cholesterol, contains vitamin A and C, the antioxidant quercetin (better lung function), and its peel which is linked to lowering the risk for obesity; contributes to whole body maintenance and well-being. It’s got a reputation for keeping “the doctor away” for good reason.

Get in touch!

Get in touch!

Disclaimer: Information on Healthy Healing Eats website is NOT a substitute for one-on-one nutrition counseling with a registered dietician or medical professional.  Always consult your doctor before making lifestyle and diet changes

The purpose of Healthy Healing Eats is to promote awareness about Food-as-Medicine by sharing current evidence-based research that focuses on earth-friendly and nutritionally-dense foods from around the world. Ultimately our goal is to provide a forum where food is seen as a primary resource for a healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Healing Eats is a personal blog written and edited by Andrea Breaux. Contact me at andrea@healthyhealingeats.com

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