This Healing Aloe Vera Smoothie’s natural sweetness comes from the apple juice, and strawberries. The addition of kale and aloe vera helps stimulate digestion. Be sure the aloe vera spear has not been sprayed with pesticides and wash it well. Simply slice open the spear with a sharp knife the length of the spear. Scrap out only the gel in the center to avoid including any of the shell of the spear which is very bitter. Aloe Vera spears are not hard to find. Most grocery stores carry them, but check out your local grocer’s website to be sure.
1 cup of organic apple juice
2 cups of chopped kale
2 cups of frozen or fresh strawberries
1 spear of aloe, split and gel scrapped out.
Puree the apple juice and kale together
Add the strawberries and aloe vera. Puree until smooth
Serve immediately


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