The early morning breeze blew gently across LJ’s face. It felt good, even though it was warm. It was going to be hot, with the temperature going over one hundred for the fifth day in a row. He had gotten up before sunrise to use the meditation platform in their backyard. He did it to give Annie enough time to meditate before the heat became unbearable. He did ten push-ups before settling on the cushion. Maintaining strong bones for an erect posture was important. He was determined to age well, walk tall, and without breaking any bones.

A feeling of peace and well-being was the signal his meditation was over. LJ opened his eyes, smiled, said a silent thank you, and rose. A loud call from woody, the woodpecker, also known as the King of the backyard, got LJ’s attention. He looked at the bird sitting in the heavily laden Fig tree. “Not today, my friend. That fruit is for human consumption. You and your pals had enough. Besides, this will be a good workout for me.” He walked over to the tree, picked up the harvest basket beneath it, and began picking fruit. After filling the basket, he carried it into the kitchen. “I will make Salted Honey Fig Toast,” he thought, opening the refrigerator to get the vegan ricotta cheese. As he closed the door, a sleepy but smiling Annie walked into the kitchen,

“Good morning, sweetheart. I know you got up early to meditate so I could use the platform before it got too hot,” she said, kissing him. “Those figs look delicious.”

“Fig toast will be ready when you finish. Here grab some water before you get started.”

“Thanks. Have you had water this morning? You’re always thinking about me and not always thinking about yourself.”

“I love it when you remind me to take care of myself,” laughed LJ as he reached for his water bottle. I took this with me and didn’t use it. It will be empty by the time you finish your meditation. I promise.”

“Ok, babes, because so far, you got up early, meditated for 30 minutes, and picked a bushel basket of fruit, all without drinking any water. Aren’t you thirsty?”

LJ nodded, “actually, I am.”

“Okay, start drinking. Staying hydrated helps keep you cool and regulates your body temperature. Considering all you will do today; you should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water by evening. Hydration helps you maintain a healthy weight and sleep soundly at night.”

“I know. I weighed myself this morning, so I am not completely off the routine. Now I’m making a protein-rich breakfast so we can power through the rest of the day.”

“Those are all good habits. I’ve got to get to the cushion, but let’s recap. A habit of a healthy morning routine helps set a productive tone for the day. Consistency is key; in the words of Catherine Lavery, “A morning routine sets the tone for the whole day, and if you do each day right, you’ll do life right.”

  1. Get on the scale every morning. It is a great way to maintain or lose weight. When you start the day knowing how much you weigh, it helps with meal and exercise plans.
  2. Eat a protein-rich breakfast within an 8-hour window. It helps maintain steady blood sugar levels and weight loss.
  3. Around midday, take a break and go for a brisk 30-minute walk. It’s a wonderful way to lose weight and stay in shape.
  4. Get a daily dose of vitamin D from the sun. Most people tend to avoid the sun between 10 am and 2 pm. There’s a Shadow Rule – if you are taller than your shadow is long, your exposed skin can make vitamin D. Getting vitamin D around midday is more efficient; you don’t need to spend a lot of time in the sun, and it’s also safer than late day sun. Morning sun and evening sun exposure do not help you produce vitamin D.
  5. Drink plenty of water. It helps with weight loss, rejuvenates skin, and boosts cognition and mood.
  6. Practice mindfulness every day. Mindfulness/meditation helps develop non-judgmental awareness of what is happening in life and fosters a sense of well-being. It can uplift positive emotions and combat negativity and stress.


Annie and LJ are a fictional couple. Their storyline promotes healthy eating and earth-friendly practices.



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