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by Mar 8, 2020Blog, Featured Blog

“I’m curious as to why you’re writing about chicory Annie; I’m familiar with it since my grandfather drank chicory.” “I always wondered about it because, in my reading through the years, I noticed that the drink is rooted in several historical moments. It seems that it gets popular when times are rough. I wondered what it was, what it tastes like, and why it becomes the go-to when coffee’s not available. Did you know chicory is the roasted and ground root of a pretty blue flowering plant of the sunflower and daisy family? It was first cultivated as a medicinal plant by Egyptians over 5000 years ago. It also grew in the Mediterranean and parts of Europe, and although no one knows when the root was first roasted for coffee, it was used in colonial America. It became widespread when the French brought it to Louisiana.” “That explains my grandfather’s habit. He started every day with a cup of New Orleans coffee.” “Starting your day with chicory is a good idea. In addition to its mild laxative effect, it’s caffeine-free, which lends itself to a healthier lifestyle. When chicory is mixed with coffee, caffeine is introduced to the drink. It’s not a powerhouse of nutrients like some other food, but it does cover a broad range of vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene (vitamin A) vitamin C & B6, manganese (brain health), potassium, phosphorus, and selenium. It also contains inulin, a prebiotic fiber that’s shown to help with weight loss and digestive health.
“I think that some people drink a combination of coffee and chicory.” “Did your grandfather, I read that it has a dark rich taste.” “I remember that he would blend about a third of chicory with his coffee. Because chicory is more water-soluble than coffee, you don’t need as much when brewing it.” “So that also explains why during conflict and other hard times using chicory was a way to make your coffee supply last longer.” LJ thoughtfully paused and…

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