This scrumptious Gluten-Free Ginger Quinoa Bowl takes minutes to make and is savory and satisfying. Feel free to personalize it with the addition of your favorite veggies.


3 Tbsp. White sesame seeds

1 Tbsp. Toasted sesame oil

1 cup broccoli florets

1 carrot julienned.

1 bell pepper julienned.

1 small zucchini julienned.

1 tsp. Grated fresh ginger.

2 cups cooked red quinoa or any variety.

1 Tbsp. Brown rice vinegar.

1 Tbsp. Wheat-free tamari

1/2 cup scallions sliced.

Salt and pepper to taste



Toast sesame seeds. Place the seeds in a warm skillet and toss until they begin to brown and are slightly fragrant. Transfer them to a bowl and set aside.

Heat the sesame oil in the skillet over medium-high heat. Add veggies (minus the scallions) and sauté until they soften for 3 – 5 minutes. Throw in a dash of water to give the vegetables a little steam; this will speed up the cooking process. Once they are softened, add the grated ginger and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Sauté together for 1 – 2 minutes.

Add the quinoa to the pan and the toasted sesame seeds, brown rice vinegar, and tamari.

Stir together to mix the flavors. Just before serving, gently fold in scallions.


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