Go with the Pistachio

by Mar 1, 2020Blog, Featured Blog

“Why should I do that Annie?” “You mean to go with the pistachio?” “Well, yes, since I understand they’re high in fat and cracking open their shells gets tiresome. You got to work too hard to get the nut.” “LJ pistachios aren’t nuts, but because they look like a nut everyone calls them one. They are seeds that grow inside a shell enclosed in an outer hull. The hull adheres to the shell of the pistachio until it ripens, then it is easily removed. Another interesting fact is that their shell naturally splits when the pistachio is ripe, but you’re right, it still takes effort to get it, and as it turns out, they are worth it. Thousands of years ago, they were first cultivated in Central Asia and what is now Iran and Afghanistan; they were a delicacy for only the rich. They are a member of the cashew family and grow on a flowering nut tree that flourishes in hot semi-arid desert-like climates. Pistachio trees are wind-pollinated, as opposed to bee-pollinated so one male tree can pollinate dozens of female trees. They can also live for over a hundred years. While I would love to plant one, it can take up to ten years for them to start producing their fruit. So in the meantime, we can buy our pistachios at the farmers market. My favorite nut is nutritionally-dense and high in fiber and protein. They are a rich source of potassium, phosphorus, calcium, and zinc. They are also super high in vitamins, A, C, D, E, K, and the B’s.” “What about their fat content?” “Pistachios contain higher amounts of monounsaturated and polyunsaturated (good) fat than saturated (bad) fat, but the calories can add up, so although some fat in your diet is necessary for something like brain health for example, pistachios should be eaten in moderation.” “How are you supposed to do that since a bag of unshelled pistachios can be an addictive snack.” “There’s the Pistachio Principle that says eating in-shell pistachios means slower eating since you have to get it out of the shell first. Also, the sight of so many empty shells is a visual on the amount you have eaten. On the other hand, eating unshelled pistachios can turn into a high calorie nosh.” LJ thoughtfully paused and…

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