“Annie, it has been a year since you launched Healthy Healing Eats. I’ve learned a lot about food from your weekly blogs. For a guy whose parents intuitively understood the importance of eating whole, natural foods, I had an excellent nutritional upbringing, but as an adult, I joined fast food nation like everyone else. Who knew that eating processed food was so deadly?
I see that our favorite Doctabro has written a fantastic article that answers the question, is food medicine, have you read it?” “Yes and here it is. Is Food Medicine? The Role of Food in Prevention, Precision, and Healthspan. It includes several important topics I’m going to explore in upcoming blogs, such as precision medicine, aging & lifespan, and monitoring devices.”

“Sounds like you have an ambitious year of topics to describe and share?” “I’m excited about 2020 because I will continue to explore the world’s nutritional practices, the contrast between “red zones” and “blue zones, earth-friendly methods to eliminate hunger, the need for vitamin and mineral supplements due to soil depletion.” “Soil depletion? What’s that about?” “ Sadly, there’s research that shows the fruits and veggies grown in the ’50s were significantly more nutrient-dense than the same food grown today. I’ve spent a lot of time researching this subject and have decided that we should begin using some supplements; Arbonne and Superfat are two good ones to start.”

“Ok, let’s get started. Is there anything else?’ “LJ I will continue to write about sugar and its deadly effect on one’s health. If I could get new parents never to let their baby taste sugar than that switch in the brain never gets flipped and we could see a generation growing up not facing the scourge of chronic disease and other miseries that sugar inflicts .” “ Ok, Annie, you feel strongly about sugar, but you have to be clear that the raw juice from sugar cane or sugar beets before it is processed has nutritional value. It is after processing into white granules is when it becomes unhealthy to eat.” “You’re right, LJ, thanks for the reminder, that will be a blog topic for sure. I gotta get going; so much reading and so little time,” laughed Annie. “LJ thoughtfully paused and …

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