“Gotta go, gotta move, gotta make it happen; it’s a new day,” thought Tara. “Oh wait, meditate first.” She peeked through one eye to gauge the weather. After determining it would be sunny, she grabbed her headphones and settled down for a 10-minute meditation. Years ago, she learned that daily morning meditation creates a calm mind, helping control anxiety and contributing to well-being. The ten minutes flowed. She finished and reached for the glass of water on her nightstand. This was her second healthy habit. Only after drinking it did she get out of bed.

Thirty minutes later, and dressed for work, she walked into the kitchen. The breakfast of rolled oats and almond milk she prepared the night before had mixed well with the chia seeds. She added blueberries and walnuts as a topping.  She had time to eat it leisurely allowing, her digestive system to absorb its vitamins and minerals.

On the way out the door, Tara grabbed the homemade lunch and afternoon snack. She shops at local farmer’s markets on the weekend and practices the ultimate in self-care by spending a few hours on Sunday afternoon meal prepping for the week.

“Hi Greta,” Tara waved at her work colleague as she got off the ferry, “Going my way?  Do you think you might be up for a brisk walk around the lake about mid-morning?”

Greta stopped and waited; they fell into step together.

“Maybe,” Greta said slowly. “I’ll let you know within an hour. I like working exercise into the day. It is energizing, and if I can’t get to the gym after work, at least I haven’t been sedentary.”

The day was busy. Both women continued to exercise by using the stairs over the escalator. As each worked, they stayed hydrated, refilling their water bottles periodically. Studies show that steady water intake and daily exercise contribute to mental and physical health throughout one’s life and helps reduce the onset of dementia and other age-related ailments.

The early evening found Tara at home and finishing the meal she had prepared on Sunday. She created a schedule that allows her to eat around the time the sun goes down and within a 10-hour time frame. Eating within 8 hours is ideal but may not be convenient with a work schedule that is not home-based.  Nonetheless, eating in the evening at the same time, ideally 4 hours before bedtime, helps Tara’s digestive system process and empty, contributing to deep and restful sleep.

“Showered, teeth brushed, clothes laid out for tomorrow, breakfast and lunch made. Check, check, check,” It was 10:00 pm, and Tara had been powering down for the past hour. ‘There was no television in her bedroom. Now it was time to move toward sleeping. She turned off the phone and tablet. “Time to review the day, let it go, express gratitude for my life, and go to sleep.”


Annie and LJ are a fictional couple. Their storyline promotes healthy eating and earth-friendly practices.


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