How to 3D Print Your Food

How to 3D Print Your Food

by Dec 19, 2018Food Tech1 comment

Breakthrough technology is rapidly catching up with the food industry. The Foodini is a3D printer that automates many of the steps and assembly of meal prep. It is designed to encourage the preparation of homemade food by taking the time-consuming aspect out of the process. It’s an alternative to buying processed and fast-food and allows you to create a meal while controlling the nutritional value and calories. Here’s how it works.

All you need are the ingredients for your favorite homemade meal. The Foodini doesn’t make food from scratch; instead, it guides the process through pre-programmed patterns that create the food by repetitious layering. Want to make fresh ravioli but hate the length of time it takes to make the dough, roll it out and then form the pockets? With the Foodini you simply put the flour and ingredients in its stainless steel capsule, set the program to make ravioli and voila, in the right order the ingredients are printed out into individual raviolis. The same with a hamburger; you just add the bun ingredients, followed by the “burger meat” and Foodini produces it for you. Currently, the Foodini cannot cook the food, but prototypes are in development to create a combination Foodini that prints and cooks.

At this time the market for the Foodini is high-end kitchens and restaurants due to its $2000 price tag. The makers of Foodini believe that once people get used to the idea of eating 3D printed food at restaurants that resistance to the idea, much like the microwave oven will melt away, interest will be generated to have a home device and demand will drive the price down.



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