How to scrub your pot with a Walnut

by Mar 15, 2020Blog, Featured Blog

It was Annie’s turn to clean up after the delicious Dirty Millet, and grilled Salmon with Pistachio Pesto Sauce LJ made for their afternoon meal. “Boy,” she thought, “this is a whole lotta I gotta clean up.” She loaded the dishwasher and popped a Grove Collaborative dishwasher detergent pack in and started it. “Now, I can tackle the pots.” As she began scrubbing, LJ, who was watching her and enjoying a glass of wine, said, “I’ve got to admit the millet recipe did turn out well, and I think I want to use the pistachio pesto recipe the next time we have a dinner party. What is that you’re using on the pots?” “It’s a scrubber made out of walnuts.” “I believe in saving the earth too, but how’s a walnut supposed to get a pot clean?” “Sweetheart, it works very well for being non-abrasive. Since we spent a lot of money on these pots, and we use them virtually every day, I want to treat them well. The other side of this sponge is made of vegetable cellulose, it’s absorbent, and can be used on any surface. While we’re on the subject, let’s try to make sure we’re using only natural cleaning products from now on from Grove Collaborative, https://www.grove.co/settings/account. This company carries hundreds of household and personal care products that are all earth-friendly. One of the reasons why I like them is because many of their products are tree-free, or made with quickly regenerating resources like bamboo. For example, their tissues are made of bamboo and sugarcane. Finally, a “good” use for sugarcane, right?” “Ok, but how expensive are their goods? You know we could go broke saving the earth.” “We are not going to go broke. Much of their merchandise is reusable, like the paper towels made of bamboo, and there are several concentrates like Mrs. Meyers Multi-Surface cleaner. You mix only a ¼ cup of it with a gallon of water. Also, because of their re-occurring ordering program, you can set the calendar for the items you want and the delivery date.” “Ok, well, you’ve got my attention. So you’re saying Grove Collaborative products help reduce our carbon footprint and save money?” “Yes, babe, it’s past time for us to pay attention to what we are using and throwing away every day. We can do better by using Grove Collaborative’s environmentally friendly household and personal care products in our house. Now, are you finished with that wine glass so I can wash it, or are you still using it?” LJ thoughtfully paused and…

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