So you’re going to a casting call to appear in a luscious locks commercial, and you want to make sure you get the job. There are some factors that you don’t have a lot of control over, such as genetics, but there is a major one that you do; what you eat. Healthy hair can often be attributed to diet.  Eating nutrient-dense foods, (average hair growth is a ½ inch per month and 6 inches per year) can influence hair development, shedding rate, shininess, and thickness.  Eating the right foods that contain vitamins and minerals to nourish the protein Keratin; what hair is made of is a recipe for a healthy fast-growing mane.  Here are 8 of the best foods for feeding your tresses.

Avocados – Is there anything an avocado is not good for?  This mighty fruit is an excellent source of vitamin E, C and monounsaturated fats which boosts blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair follicle growth.  Vitamin C makes it easier for your body to absorb iron, a key ingredient for healthy keratin development.

Carrots – provide vitamin A, a fat-soluble nutrient that combats cell damage.  The abundance of vitamin A found in carrots protects and supports fast-growing cells like keratin; and helps the scalp repair and grow.

Eggs – Eggs are a rich source of natural protein that can provide nutritional support for keratin.  Biotin, also known as vitamin H is a nutrient found in egg yolks which helps the body convert food into energy.  Biotin is necessary for cell production and produces proteins which are required for hair growth.

Seeds – Are low in fat and a great source of the vitamins E, and the B’s as well as the minerals selenium and zinc.  Some seeds also contain omega-3 fatty acids.  All of these nutrients promote hair growth.

Legumes – Are an inexpensive and versatile source of iron, zinc, protein, and biotin all essential nutrients for hair growth and repair.

Soybeans – Are a source of Spermidine, a compound that prolongs the anagen phase; when hair is actively growing. The longer the hair stays in this phase, the longer it will be.

Fatty Fish – Salmon, mackerel, and herring are all fish that are a rich source of healthy fats such as omega-3 fatty acids, essential to hair density and growth.

Sweet Potatoes – Are known for their high fiber content, and are a great source of beta-carotene.  This compound is converted by the body into vitamin A.  There is evidence that vitamin A promotes thicker and faster-growing hair as well as sebum production that supports healthy hair.



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