That’s right, more Moringa please, especially if you believe that your health is your wealth.   Discovered over 4000 years ago in North India, the Moringa tree is recognized as nature’s very own multi-vitamin due to its benefits for you, the earth and the farmer.  Medically, its leaves are packed with 4x more iron than Spinach, 25x more vitamin A than Carrots, 7x more vitamin C than Oranges, 3x more potassium than Bananas, 2x more protein than Yogurt, and 4x more calcium than Milk.  It lowers blood glucose levels, reduces inflammation of the digestive system, protects skin and hair just to name a few.  Environmentally, Moringa seeds can be used as an antiseptic in the treatment of drinking water.  Farmers say that the Moringa tree grows rapidly and efficiently. It survives drought and flood conditions, a viable resource for a global-warming world.

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