Planet SOS

by Jan 26, 2020Blog, Featured Blog, Household Products

“LJ, what does anthropogenic mean?” “It refers to the “human-induced” behaviors that contribute to climate change. It is the opposite of the “natural” factors that cause changes in our climate. While we’re on the subject, “climate change” means the increasing changes in the measure of weather over a long period. The term “global warming” refers to rising temperatures around the world due to greenhouse gases trapping more heat in the atmosphere.” “After the wildfires in the Western US and the same in Australia and tropical storms becoming more severe and prevalent in the Southwest and Southeast Asia, I feel helpless to do something to help save our planet.” “Annie, it just takes changing one habit at a time to make a big impact. For example, Grove Collaborative is a company that believes environmentally-friendly products should be available to everyone. They represent products that are non-toxic, sustainable, and cruelty-free. They’ve put together a user-friendly recurring shipment service that delivers only the purest natural cleaning and skincare products. I saw that Roxanne and Mel are using their reusable paper towels that are made out of bamboo. If we started doing that, not only would we save a bundle but we would stop throwing more paper in the landfill, and you know we use a lot of paper towels every week. See it’s that simple. Grove Collaborative has dozens of other products from a scrubber sponge made out of crushed walnuts; Bee’s wrap a reusable alternative to plastic, and tree-free toilet paper made out of bamboo. They also have beauty products including sexual wellness products.” “Really,” Annie thoughtfully paused and …

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