Annie’s eyes got bigger, and her smile wider as she turned the page and began chapter five of Lisa Renee Johnson’s super sexy book, Dangerous Consequences. “Is it me or is it getting hotter on this patio, she thought glancing at the sun only to look straight into LJ’s eyes, who was holding the most beautiful plant she had ever seen.

“Whoa sweetheart, you startled me, she laughed.  What is this?”

I stopped by the nursery to get some advice on our veggie/flower garden and saw this passion flower plant getting a lot of attention from other customers.  When I got close, I could see and smell why.”

Unlike the type that produces fruit, this one had eye-popping purple and lavender-tinted flowers nestled among beautiful green leaves that grew from a vine.  The plant’s flowers resembled a Gerber Daisy’s over-the-top sister with its perfect petals acting as a backdrop to the delicate but wild tendrils that grew from its distinctive corona. Not only did it look exotic, but it smelled like heaven.

Annie carefully saved her place in the book, and then reached for the plant and inhaled. “Oh, this smells so good, and look at the flowers! How gorgeous. Where should we put it?”

“Well, it will not get taller than 20 inches, and it only needs about 5 hours of daily sun, so how about the entryway? When friends come over, it will be the first thing they smell and see.”

“The foyer table in front of the mirror is perfect; you’ll see all its flowers, and the scent is amazing.”

“Since we’re discussing natural air fresheners, have you noticed how big the Sweet Bay is getting?  Putting it in the living room with all the windows has really encouraged its growth.  It is already 5 feet tall.  I know it’s convenient for you to pick and dry some leaves for recipes that call for bay leaves, but we may have to replant it outside if it gets any bigger.”

“LJ, I’d like to try and keep it inside. It keeps the air fresh. Every year when it blooms, I know spring is coming. And, watching its little yellow flowers that turn into berries is so interesting.

Our sweet smelling Stephanotis is thriving in the bathroom due to its daily dose of humidity, but I read that it needs a cooler temperature in the winter, so we may have to find a cold room to move it to.”

“Wherever we decide to put it, let’s make sure that we can always see it, said LJ. After all, it is a beautiful plant, and although it does not need a lot of water during the cold season, it still needs occasional misting to keep it happy.

By the way, Annie, I’ve noticed that I’m sleeping better since we put a Lavender plant in the bedroom. What’s it been about six months?”

“That sounds right. I got a Lavandin cutting from Bob. It is the most fragrant Lavender plant.  Because they need at least six hours of direct sunlight, and a steady breeze, I thought the bedroom was ideal.  Not to mention, its scent contributes to a good night’s sleep. So, I am glad to know that it’s working for you.”

Annie smiled at LJ, “Do you like the Jasmine in the study? I got the Common Jasmine because it is easy to grow indoors, and so fragrant.  Plus, our office gets about four hours of indirect sunlight, and we tend to keep the room cool, which is perfect for that plant.  Also, because its tiny white flowers bloom at night when we go in there the next day, it smells wonderful.”

As LJ was listening to Annie, he could not stop smiling. After all, their home had good indoor air quality due to their careful selection of plants that were non-toxic, resilient, and natural air fresheners. Their house smelled like a flower garden.


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