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Healthy Healing Climatarians eat Moonshot crackers

“Happy Earth Day, sweetheart I bought you a present.”

LJ looked up from slicing avocado and smiled, “thanks, babes but isn’t earth day in April?”

“Well, in my opinion, every day should be earth day, but you’re right,” said Annie; however, this can’t wait, especially since they go so well with the snacks you’re preparing.” She offered him the box.

LJ wiped his hands on his apron and began untying the cloth-wrapped gift, “whoa, what do we have here? This looks very timely,” he said admiringly as he held up a box of  Moonshot, climate-friendly crackers. How did you get these, Annie? People have been going crazy for them. I heard they sell out as soon as the stores get them in.”

“I guess you could say I got lucky,” she laughed. Moonshot has been on my radar ever since Chuck and Paula’s daughter, Julia, founded and launched moonshotsnacks. You’re right; people have been raving about them first because they are delicious. There are three yummy varieties, and I got three boxes each of Sourdough/Sea Salt, Rosemary/Garlic, and Tomato/Basil.”

“These are addictive,” LJ crunched his third cracker as he was listening to Annie,” You said they were delicious was the first reason you bought them. I suspect there are more. Tell me while I continue to make our snacks.”

Annie gave him the side-eye, “LJ, you want me to keep talking so you can keep eating the Moonshot! But you’re right; there are other important reasons.

According to the new study published in the journal Nature Climate Change, the Western U.S. and Northern Mexico are experiencing their driest period in at least 1,200 years. Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the country’s two largest reservoirs, are only filled at about one-third of their total capacity. Communities, ranchers, and farmers have depleted groundwater stores to meet demands.

This is no time for handwringing but recognizing that everyone has a stake in preserving the earth, Moonshot crackers are one delicious, carbon-neutral way to participate. The farmers who grow the Moonshot ingredients are regenerative agriculturalists; their method uses the minimal amount of water necessary to grow food while building and maintaining healthy soil and capturing carbon from the atmosphere. The upshot is more nutrient-dense and tastier crackers.”

“These are so good,” mumbled LJ between bites. “I see the wheat is stone-milled. That means it contains more of its vitamins and minerals than milled wheat due to a higher percentage of bran and germ, which is important for brain and digestive health.”

“This is why I love you, LJ; you consistently remind me of the other importance of the nutritional benefits of food. The upshot is all moonshot crackers ingredients are whole, organic,  zero saturated and trans fat, zero cholesterol, and zero added sugar. And they’re only 140 calories per serving.”

LJ leaned over to kiss her, “I love you too, Annie. Moonshot crackers are delicious, nutritious, earth-friendly, and in minimal recyclable packaging. And I like the company’s climate-friendly pledge:

Being carbon neutral is just the start. From our thoughtfully sourced ingredients to our recyclable packaging, we make all decisions with our planet in mind.

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Moonshot crackers are part of the emerging climate-friendly food movement. Anyone can join by:

  • Eating seasonally
  • Eating less carbon-intensive meats like beef, or even better, going vegan
  • Eating plant-based dairy products
  • Eating plants that come from sustainable soil-building crops
  • Eating only sustainable seafood or plant-based seafood
  • Shopping with cloth bags
  • Buying from grocery stores that promote carbon-neutral foods and packaging
  • Patronizing food establishments that promote carbon-neutral practices
  • Planting, growing, and cooking your food
  • Donating excess harvests to the local food bank

In the words of Arthur C Clarke, “The Moon is the first milestone on the road to the stars.”


Annie and LJ are a fictional couple. Their storyline promotes healthy eating and earth-friendly practices.



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