Sweet Soursop

by Feb 2, 2020Blog, Featured Blog

“Annie, I saw your list of gift ideas for Valentine’s Day.” Annie playfully kissed LJ, “I just thought I’d help you out with some ideas babes. But just so you know, I do have your gift, and it’s a surprise so you’ll have to wait until the big day. In the meantime, I’m getting a lot of requests for healthy and romantic Valentine’s dinner recipes.” “Oh?” “Yes, I’m focusing on Soursop fruit because it’s different which makes it kind of provocative, and because it has an aroma similar to pineapple and a flavor that is a combination of apple and strawberry, with a texture like a banana. It’s the basis for desserts and other sweet foods.” “I’ve never heard of soursop Annie. What’s its story?” “It’s also known as Graviola and is native to the tropical regions of the Caribbean and Americas. There are multiple varieties of it. Soursop is produced on an evergreen tree and thrives in humid climates. It’s a low-calorie high fiber fruit and can grow to more than 5 pounds. It contains vitamins C & B and is rich in calcium, iron, sodium, copper and magnesium. Research is showing that soursop is a good source of the antioxidants that help prevent damage to cells meaning that it has the demonstrated potential to kill cancer cells, specifically pancreatic cancer cells and protect against free-radicals. Several ongoing studies are testing the effectiveness of soursop extract to combat cholera, staph infections and fighting the inflammation of arthritis. The National Eye Institute conducted a study to learn if soursop’s antioxidants could lower the risk of developing age-related macular degeneration, and it did by 25% in those who already had the disease. It also appears that this amazing fruit is a natural anti-infection treatment for root canals.” “That’s pretty cool. Are there any downsides to soursop?” “Yes, the seeds shouldn’t be eaten because they are high in neurotoxins that are linked to neurological disorders. I found Soursop at the local Mexican market and am going over to buy some shortly. I found a yummy Soursop Ginger Lime smoothie recipe and one for a delicious Soursop Margarita. Do you want to ride with me?” LJ thoughtfully paused and…

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