Having access to drinkable water is a fundamental human right.  Many rely on bottled water to guarantee clean water, but it has challenges.   First is the temperature and length of time the water has been in that bottle. Plastic bottles left in hot cars, cupboards, and garages have been found to leach chemicals.  Second, it’s been discovered that 24% of bottled water is actually filtered tap water.  Water pitchers with filters are popular because they eliminate plastic water bottles and they remove free radicals, chlorine, lead, and toxins.  Alkaline water pitchers have gained in popularity, but according to the Mayo Clinic there is no scientific evidence that verifies the positive medical claims made by the supporters of alkaline water.  Natural alkaline water occurs when it passes over rocks and picks up minerals that increase its alkaline level.  Manmade Alkaline water has been put through a chemical process called electrolysis.


Here are the top five water filter pitchers ideal for adding that extra layer of protection for cleaning water and replacing single-use plastic.


Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher: $69.95 on amazon

  • Pros: Removes lead, mercury, arsenic, chromium 6, TTHM’s, VOC’s and fluoride.  Retains the minerals calcium and magnesium while other filter pitchers will strip them out.  Long lasting filters which can last up to 3 months.  BPA free
  • Cons: Slow filtering. No filter change indicator

Donates to Thirst Relief International to provide clean drinking water to Cameroon, Tanzania and Uganda for every filter product sold.


Nakii Water Filter Pitcher: $19.95 on amazon

  • Pros: Seven and half cup capacity, slim, filters last through 150 gallons, removes 97% of containments, fits in refrigerator door
  • Cons: Filters can be difficult to remove. Not all refrigerator doors can accommodate this pitcher


 Epic Water Filter Pitcher: $54.95 on amazon

  • Pros: Removes 99% of contaminants and has a lifetime guarantee.  Made of BPA free food-grade material.  The filters can last for up to 200 gallons.  They remove chlorine, copper, some fluoride, lead, zinc, chromium, mercury, aluminum, and arsenic.
  • Cons: Some find the pouring spout to be small



Britta large-cup water filter pitcher: $26.99 on amazon

  • Pros: Removes lead, chlorine, copper, cadmium and mercury.  Filters 40 gallons of water. Made of commercial grade plastic, BPA free
  • Cons: No filter change indicator


Clearly Filtered: $190. on amazon

  • Pros: Ten cup capacity. Long lasting water filters. Filters out 230 common water containments Made of BPA free food grade plastic.  Removes arsenic, aluminum, asbestos, chlorine, pesticides, chromium-6 and lead.
  • Cons: Some feel the design of the pitcher causes the water to pour slowly

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