Thyme Lime and Lavender Crisp

Thyme Lime and Lavender Crisp

by Jul 19, 2020Recipes1 comment

A crisp drink is one that is pleasant and fresh. This Thyme, Lime and Lavender Crisp is courtesy of Christine Dionese.


6 sprigs lavender (3 for garnish)

6 sprigs thyme (3 for garnish)

1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice

3 ounces St. Germain liqueur

12 ounces vodka

1 splash of soda water





Pack 6 glasses half full with ice.

Muddle 3 sprigs each of lavender and thyme with lime juice.

Add St. Germain and vodka to shaker.

Shake well and pour over ice.

Top each with soda water.

Garnish the top of each glass with lavender and thyme.

Encourage guest to stir in lavender and thyme garnish as they sip.


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