I know what you’re thinking, “how can I participate in sustainable earth-friendly food practices that provide healthier food for me and my family?” If you could just grow your own fruits and vegetables you would be healthier and richer, right? You are right when you control how your food is grown and how fresh it is when you eat it you and your family are healthier and so is the earth. But sometimes where you live makes it impossible to have a garden, so….. The answer is vertical gardening! Stackable planters are gaining in popularity as more young people are living in small affordable spaces and baby boomers are downsizing to smaller homes. This method of gardening is water conserving as the planters are designed to ensure that the water goes directly to the plant’s roots. And, vertical gardening is a great way to introduce sustainable gardening to children. Check out

  Apollo Exports International Freestanding Tower.

The 3-foot size of this tower makes it ideal for balconies, small patios, and porches. It is perfect for growing herbs, fruit and flowers. It will hold 30 standard nursery plants. The internal watering tube evenly distributes water. $24.99 on Amazon.

The Amazing Creation Stackable Vertical Planter is a 5-tier planter that holds up to 15 plants. Each pod accommodates 5” plants, ideal for herbs, flowers, and veggies. The planter can be used indoors and out, during all seasons. The built-in drainage grids allow water to trickle down to the last tier for convenient self-watering. $39.99 on Amazon.

Greenstalk’s slow-drip watering system ensures that all tiers are watered simultaneously. The five-tier planter comes with 30 deep pockets adequate for growing deep root vegetables. The tiers interlock for greater stability. Made in the USA. $142.14 on Amazon

Mr. Stacky Smart Farm Automatic Self Watering Garden is a soil or hydroponic vertical tower. It includes 20 pockets, 5 tiers, 16-gallon reservoir, submersible pump, 7-day digital timer, distribution head, starter plant food, all pipes, tubes, adapters, and growing guide. $199.99 on Amazon.

Garden Tower 2. The rotating 50-Plant Composting Container Garden turns kitchen scraps into fertilizer. Retains 16 gallons of water. Easily grows herbs, vegetables, and flowers. Made in the USA. $398.. On Amazon.


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