Vanilla Pear Shrub

Vanilla Pear Shrub

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A shrub drink is a fermented concentrate traditionally made with fruit vinegar, berries, and sugar.  This recipe uses ginger and apple cider vinegar along with pear, honey, and vanilla.  This is a powerful digestive aid that tastes good hot or cold.  It can also serve as a refreshing cocktail.


1 cup diced pear (peel on)

½ cup of filtered water

¼ cup raw honey

1 tsp scrubbed and grated ginger (peel on)

½ tsp ground vanilla powder (or ½ tsp seeds scraped from whole beans)


1 8-oz glass jar or bottle with lid


In a glass bowl. Add pear, filtered water, honey, ginger, and vanilla; stir to combine.

Cover bowl with a clean towel; secure with a rubber band.  Let ferment at room temperature away from direct sunlight for 2 days, stirring every 12 hours.

Arrange a fine-mesh sieve or several layers of cheesecloth over an 8-oz glass jar or bottle.  Strain pear mixture through a sieve into a glass jar, pressing on solids; discard solids.

Add vinegar to pear liquid, stir then seal tightly. Refrigerate for up to 10 days.

To serve chilled, add 2 to 3 tbsp. shrub concentrate to 1 cup sparkling water.  To serve warm, add 2 to 3 tbsp. shrub concentrate to 1 cup hot water.

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